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Burnett Inc. is the exclusive dealer for Northeastern Oklahoma of Exterior Portfolio CraneBoard D7, a 7-inch insulated vinyl panel with a hand-milled cedar grain finish and a “seamless” appearance. Offered in 17 different colors – allowing you the option to recreate your home or to match its architectural integrity – CraneBoard D7 is a no-scrape, no-paint maintenance free siding.

CraneBoard Green Standards

Reducing Your Energy Use – CraneBoard D7 is engineered with a SmartCore insulation support that offers an R-value of 4. By insulating your home with CraneBoard Solid Core siding, you will help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. This SmartCore technology allows your home to breathe and channels moisture down and away from your walls.

No Toxic Dust – CraneBoard emits no harmful silica dust created in cutting the material, meaning no harmful dusts in and around your home.

CraneBoard Warranty

CraneBoard’s Life of the Home Warranty is the best in the industry and is completely transferable to every subsequent owner. See printed warranty for complete details.

CraneBoard D7

CraneBoard D7

Crane Board & Batten in Wheat

CraneBoard D7 and Board & Batten

Seamless Finish